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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is SiteQuarters Intranet / Extranet Solution?

SiteQuarters is an online tool that allows business teams, suppliers and vendors to share files and announcements from any internet location.

Any page or file can be locked using individualized privileges and user levels.

What company/organization size is SiteQuarters best suited?

SiteQuarters has been created as an extranet/intranet solution for large and small organizations. We enable you to manage sub-sites or smaller department divisions using our administrative dashboard.

SiteQuarters is a compelling alternative to the expense and complexity of traditional collaboration software products such as Microsoft SharePoint or Lotus Notes. Small businesses benefit from SiteQuarters because our solution is cost effective and does not require a local server or expensive licensing.

How does SiteQuarters increase productivity?

  • Decrease the cost and time of producing, accessing and distributing information.
  • Empower employees & reduce frustration levels by providing direct access to necessary files.
  • Ensure employees are using correct procedures and current documents at all times.
  • Cut costs by reducing your volume of printed information.

Will I need additional hardware or software to use SiteQuarters?

No! SiteQuarters requires no additional hardware or software installation.

Can I customize the front end interface of SiteQuarters?

SiteQuarters content can be modified using our CMS or we can develop a fully customized brand-specific interface to match your company image. Additional charges will apply for custom work.

What do I need to access my account?

To access your company intranet you need a computer, an internet connection, username and password.

Are there setup fees?

Each organization requires different levels of support to get their site up and running.

We typically offer three setup options:

  • Free, use one of generic templates to build your site
  • $500 - Setup site, custom header with logos or client provided photos, match color, 1 hour of phone / GoToMeeting training with your organization's designated administrator
  • Enterprise Solutions - Custom form creation, training, data imports, etc. are quoted based on specified needs.

Does SiteQuarters support Mac?


What browsers is SiteQuarters compatible with?

SiteQuarters is compatible with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and 3. SiteQuarters currently has partial compatibility with Safari 3 and Opera 9 and will be improving in the next few months.

Can I use SiteQuarters alongside my current intranet?

SiteQuarters intranet / extranet communications tool can be used to replace your existing system; however, clients sometimes choose to use SiteQuarters collaborative tools while storing files locally.


What if I forget my login information?

Contact your company's site administrator and they will assign you a new username and/or password.

Can I control what information a user has access to?

Our 5 user levels, custom permissions and unique user categories allow you a more flexible way to grant or restrict access to any page or file.

Can I download more than one file at a time?

Yes, SiteQuarters allows you to select multiple files and folders for simultaneous downloading.

Service plans / subscriptions

Is the free trial fully functional?

The free trial allows you to incorporate all standard pages including our advanced file listing pages, image galleries, contact lists, editable text pages and more!

How do I upgrade or add premium features to my account?

To upgrade, discuss solutions for your company and demo a sample site please call a sales representative at (614) 888-8883

What payment methods are available?

We take all major credit cards, company checks and money orders.

What types of plans are offered?

Click here for our pricing.


Do I have to pay for customer support?

Depending on your monthly plan you qualify for different levels of free support.

Can I get a backup of my data?

We can do nightly backups of your data files for an additional fee. Enterprise level customers receive backups as part of their plan. Please contact us for your options.

Can I get additional training?

We do offer online training and help setting up your site as an additional service charge.